The Next Generation of Electric Storage Heaters

Friday, 15 June 2018 10:51:58 Europe/London

Green EnergyYou might have noticed over the past few months that the number of manual storage heaters has taken a drastic dip, the supply drying up like a riverbed in the savannah. Just where did the older models go and why the abrupt surge of newer products? It’s all because of new laws handed down by the EU that came into action on the 1st January this year. These new directives – known as the Ecodesign directives – were designed to bring all domestic electric heating up to a higher standard, and for storage heaters, this meant big changes. No more rudimentary controls and no more being left in the cold if you run out of heat. We’re looking at a new generation of electric storage heaters, ones that are able to offer a level of control to rival other heating systems. They’re electric heaters for the modern age and they’re here to stay.

Why the sudden need for new storage heaters?

Realistically, there was nothing sudden about the abandonment of manual storage heaters. After conducting extensive research on electric heating systems, it was judged by the EU in 2015 that storage heaters needed to meet a much higher benchmark for efficiency. The constant need for manual adjustment and lack of precision room temperature control meant older storage heaters presented too many opportunities for energy waste, and with these heaters being so high wattage, the cumulative effects of this waste are potentially huge. It was time for change and time for the benefits of storage heaters to be enhanced even further. For many potential users, the big barrier to storage heaters was the usability or lack thereof. In this day and age, we expect a bit more from our heating systems, and it was the basic nature of these manual controls that alienated people. Now it’s a different story – just take a look at some of the new features to see for yourself…

Elnur HHR Storage HeaterIntelligent Charging and Output

The vast majority of new storage heaters are designed to adjust their intake and output automatically, reducing the need for manual adjustment and maximising efficiency. The way they achieve this may differ between manufacturers, but in the case of our new Elnur storage heaters, they’re able to gauge how much charge is required based on how much the backup heater is used during the day. So, if you run out of heat and need to rely on the backup heater in the evening, your storage heater will know to store more heat for the next day. Then on days when the backup heater isn’t needed, the management system adjusts accordingly so you’re only ever drawing minimal energy from the wall. If you’ve ever found storage heaters frustrating to use because of the amount of foresight required for the next day’s heating, these updated models could be just what you need.

24/7 Digital Programming for Busy Households

Modern storage heaters like the Elnur HHR now come with full 24/7 digital programming so you can finally enjoy the same level of convenience offered by other heating systems. With a programming function, you can create a bespoke weekly schedule that fits around your routine so your comfort is ensured at all times. Then, when you’ve created the perfect program for each room, you can leave your storage heaters to take care of themselves. Coupled with precision thermostats, modern storage heaters give you the freedom to select specific comfort and economy temperatures for your heating schedule – a revelation compared to the ubiquitous two dial setup we’re all familiar with. These new and accessible digital controls are great for anyone new to storage heating but they also allow experienced users to economise on their heating bills more than ever before.

Elnur SSH Storage HeatersIntelligent Heat Management with WiFi Control

This new breed of storage heater will even appeal to the tech-savvy amongst us with products like the Elnur SSH offering cutting-edge WiFi remote control. As well as being able to program your storage heaters via the keypad on the appliance, Elnur SSH storage heaters can be purchased with their G Control Hub accessory which allows you to connect your heating system to the internet. WiFi distance control means that you don’t need to physically be at your property to check and adjust your heating. If the weather’s colder than expected, you can adjust your heating before you arrive home; or, if you’re managing a shared property or holiday home, you’ll be able to keep tabs on your heating system from almost any location.

Making the Most of Electric Storage Heaters

Though we’ve left behind the manual systems of the past, innovations in this new generation of storage heater have re-invigorated interest in this tried-and-tested form of home heating. Modern digital control systems and improved usability mean that storage heaters aren’t just for die-hard fans of economical living; they’re now becoming an attractive prospect for anyone who wants to enjoy comfortable home heating with low running costs. If you’re interested in any of our smart storage heaters or want to know more about our products, be sure to browse our range or contact one of our sales team on 0330 880 8181 for a free, no obligation quote.


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