Storage Heaters vs Electric Radiators

Electric radiators or storage heaters – what's the best heating option for you?

If you spend most of your days indoors and need a constant low level of heat, storage heaters may be best suited to your lifestyle. However, if you're out at work during the day and usually only need heat in the evenings, electric radiators may be for you. To help you decide, we've put together a list of advantages and disadvantages for both products. Look through the pros and cons to see which features will be the best fit for you and your lifestyle. Alternatively, call us on 0330 880 8181 where our friendly heating experts are always on hand to explain the products in more detail, helping you find the best heating solution for your home.

Storage Heaters

  • Use cheaper night-time electricity tariffs
  • Keep your home warm throughout the night
  • Relatively low installation costs
  • Require little maintenance
  • No fossil fuels burnt
  • Very heavy and bulky
  • Poor energy-efficiency – heater loses heat as soon as it is stored, warming the house overnight unnecessarily
  • Lack of control – heating must be set a day in advance
  • Leaves you cold when temperature drops – if you are unprepared for cold weather, changes to your heating won't come into effect until the next day
  • Wasted energy when temperature rises – charge stored in expectation of colder weather will be wasted
  • May not provide sufficient heat – on cold days storage heaters can run out of charge by early evening
  • Controls can be difficult to understand
  • Can cause stains on walls
  • Under an Economy 7 tariff, any electricity used during the day, including top-up heaters for when your storage heaters run out of charge, will use expensive day time rates


Electric Radiators

  • Lower running costs than conventional electric heaters – uses built-in energy management systems
  • Precision temperature control to within 0.5 of a degree – helps maintain a comfortable environment with minimal wasted power
  • Easy DIY installation – simply screws to the wall and plugs in
  • Requires little to no maintenance
  • No fossil fuels burnt
  • Slimline, stylish and unobtrusive – designed to complement all properties
  • 24/7 programming – allows you to fit your heating schedule to your lifestyle
  • 100% recyclable – our Haverland RC Wave radiators are made from high grade recycled aluminium and are themselves 100% recyclable
  • Totally enclosed heating elements prevent blackening and staining of walls
  • Uses standard electricity tariffs