Frequently Asked Questions

Why is storage heating cheap?

Storage heaters can be an economical home heating method because they are designed to be used with an economy electricity tariff, such as Economy 7 or Economy 10. These tariffs work by providing a night-time electricity rate which is cheaper than a standard tariff, however the day time rates are more expensive. Storage heaters charge up overnight during the cheaper night-time rates and store heat for the coming day. As they rely on using stored charge, users won’t need to use the more expensive day time electricity prices to heat their homes, providing a potentially low-cost system.


How do you control storage heaters?

Most storage heaters will have two easy-to-reach dials on the top of their casings: one controls charge input and the other controls heat output. Increasing charge input will tell the heater to store more heat for the coming day, whereas increasing the output will tell the heater to release any stored heat more quickly. It’s important to use these controls carefully. Not setting the right level of charge input the night before may mean that you won’t have enough heat for the next day, or waste electricity by drawing an unnecessary amount of power during warmer weather. Increasing the output too much can also mean that heat is lost too rapidly and you may run out of stored heat early in the day, leaving you cold in the evenings.


How do I change my heating settings if the weather changes suddenly?

As storage heaters are required to charge overnight to generate heat, any changes you make to your heater settings will not come into effect until the following day. This is an obvious disadvantage, preventing you from responding quickly to unexpected changes in the weather. Sudden cold snaps may leave you chilly if you have not stored enough charge to increase your heating. Likewise, you may waste power storing up heat which you do not use because the temperature rises.

However, many of the modern storage heaters we stock are equipped with features designed to overcome this problem. Combination heaters can generate heat on demand using an in-built fan heater designed to 'top-up' insufficient heat. These features ensure you're not left cold when the temperature drops – but they can be expensive to run.


Are storage heaters the right form of heating for my property?

All sorts of variables can affect which sort of heating is best suited for you, such as your lifestyle, property type and location. Storage heaters tend to work best for people who stay at home during the day, however, you can always speak to one of our friendly heating experts if you’re unsure and need further advice.


Are storage heaters easy to install?

Installing storage heaters is a quick and easy task for a qualified electrician. It requires none of the disruptive plumbing work required to install central heating.


What if the wattage required to heat my room is larger than the heater sizes you stock?

If this is the case we recommend you buy multiple heaters that add up to the required wattage. For example, if your room requires 6.8kW in total we recommend buying two 3.4kW heaters.


What if the wattage calculation for my room is on the borderline between two sizes?

If your calculation is on the borderline, we recommend the higher wattage heater. Larger heaters can be adjusted to reduce heat if required, whilst smaller heaters will either fail to heat your space or work inefficiently, increasing your heating bills.


Could I buy a smaller heater than recommended?

We always recommend buying the heater recommended for your room size, location and insulation. Under-specifying will force your heaters to work harder to achieve the desired temperature, using more electricity and inflating your heating bills. Call us if you are unsure which heater to buy.


What do you class as normal insulation?

Cavity wall insulation, double glazing, loft insulation to current regulations, and no excessive heat loss through multiple doors or windows. If your property lacks any of these elements we recommend you calculate the wattage required to heat your room using the poor insulation calculation.



Please Note

All information and advice about product suitability is for general guidance only. We cannot guarantee that any product is suitable for your requirements or that your electrical system has the capacity to power the products you purchase from us. If you are unsure about the requirements of your property, Storage Heaters Direct recommends that you seek the opinion of a qualified electrician before placing your order.