Technotherm TTB-E Duo 8+ WiFi Controlled Storage Heater - 0.85kw

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If you’re looking to replace your old storage heaters with a smart, modern equivalent, look no further than the Technotherm TTB-E Duo with its innovative design and optional WiFi control. This economy 7 heater is fully programmable and comes with smart charging and an innovative venting system to streamline energy usage with minimal effort. This is the smallest Duo in the range and is able to heat spaces up to 4m².

WiFi heating control

The Technotherm TTB-E Duo can be controlled using a smartphone when paired with its WiFi hub, which gives you access to your heating from anywhere in the world. The smartphone app provides 24/7 programming, energy-usage statistics and the option to create guest accounts, all via its intuitive graphic user interface. It also comes with a geo-location function which adjusts your heating according to how far you are from your property. If you’re not using WiFi, you can also program the Duo using the ultra-clear colour interface on the front of the heater, allowing easy access to your settings.

Cutting-edge heating technology

Technotherm TTB-E Duo night storage heaters make use of a variety of energy-saving features to maximise the savings of economy tariffs. This is showcased in their smart automatic charge, which adjusts the amount of power the heater draws from the wall based on your heating program and the previous day’s usage. As they charge, they're also able to control each heating element individually, turning off the elements in sequence to gradually reach the perfect level of stored heat. This prevents energy waste due to overcharging and is a feature entirely unique to the Technotherm range.

Technotherm storage heaters boast another exclusive feature in the form of their patented venting technology, which allows air to be drawn through the bricks when extra warmth is needed. The vent engages automatically to maintain your set temperature so no manual adjustment is required and it doesn’t use any extra power once it's moved into place. Unlike fan-assist features, the vent doesn’t continually use electricity and is completely silent as it operates. As an additional efficiency measure, the Duo is insulated to retain warmth for longer and optimise your system, but in the event it runs out of stored heat, its integrated backup heater will swiftly kick in to make sure your rooms are always warm and welcoming. Each of the bricks in the Duo is made from Ferolite, which has an extra high iron content for increased heat retention and conduction, enhancing its efficiency even further.

Technotherm are renowned for the quality of their German-made products, which is all down to their rigorous testing. Each unit is tested at every stage of manufacture and signed off by a quality control expert for full traceability.