WiFi Controllable Storage Heaters: The Future of Economical Heating

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In today’s world, technology connects to everything and everyone through the power of WiFi and that’s no different in the world of heating. In fact, we have our own specific range of WiFi controllable storage heaters that can connect you to your heating no matter where you are, delivering an extra level of control. So, let's delve into the future of economical heating with these new and improved storage heaters.

What are storage heaters?

Storage heaters are a traditional form of heating, invented to offer cost-effective heating in the 1960s. They store up heat over night and then let that heat out during the day. Originally there was little control over when the heat was released so they would often run out of warmth in the evening, when it was needed most. Now, with modern upgrades such as the incorporation of WiFi, you can control your stored heating better than ever before so that you can still choose the economical option and experience quality heating whenever you need it.

How does WiFi control work?

WiFi ControlWiFi control is an added improvement that has helped bring the storage heater into the 21st century. With WiFi control, you can manage your heating from the palm of your hand and it’s easy to install too! When using a WiFi controllable storage heater, you first need to download a user-friendly WiFi app onto a compatible smartphone. With this app you can switch your heaters on and off, adjust temperatures and monitor your heating through the internet, even when you’re not at home. You can ensure that heat won’t be used when it’s not needed, reducing waste and costing you less. Just make sure you partner our WiFi controllable storage heaters with the G Control Hub accessory to experience a full range of capabilities.

Why you should choose WiFi control

With these storage heaters, you still get that cost-effective and efficient form of heating, but you also get an extra aspect of management over your heating that was previously absent. WiFi controllable storage heaters allow you to adjust your heating on the go, which is especially convenient for those with more active lifestyles. Storage heaters without the WiFi control feature are beneficial in their own right, but you have to be physically in your home to change the settings so you don’t get the same flexibility that you would with WiFi controllable storage heaters.

With WiFi control, not only do you experience the future of heating, you also receive a level of versatility with your storage heater so that you aren’t restricted in the ways you might have been with more traditional storage heaters. If you forget to switch your heaters off, you can double check by using the app on your phone. Or if you’re on your way home and you’d prefer a toasty welcome, just hop on the app and simply adjust the settings. With the app, you can also monitor the amount of energy your storage heaters use so that no matter where you might be, you can rest easy knowing you don’t have to worry about wasting any energy with your heating.

Features of the futureElnur Ecombi SSH208

Our WiFi controllable storage heaters in the Ecombi SSH range come with a variety of features. They automatically manage their own charge and heat output, so you don’t have to rely on doing this manually. In case they run out of charge, the Ecombi WiFi controlled storage heaters come with a backup heater that allows for an extra boost when you need it most, so you’ll never find yourself without enough heat.

As per recent legislation, our modern storage heaters come with 24/7 programming so you can also set a heating schedule. This way you won’t be using heat when you don’t need it, cutting down on waste and costs. New storage heaters also come with adaptive start and open window detection, delivering a smarter and more efficient way of keeping your home warm. Adaptive start is a function that allows your heater to learn how long it takes to find that optimum temperature in any room so that it can then pre-heat when needed. As the name suggests, open window detection means your storage heaters can detect whenever a window has been opened, by sensing the sudden drop in temperature that tells the storage heater to turn off the backup heater. This is to ensure that you don’t lose any heat or waste energy when it’s not necessary.

Thinking ahead: economical heating for the future

In the UK we are currently aiming to cut down on our emissions with government plans to reach Net Zero greenhouse gases by 2050 and WiFi controllable storage heaters are an economical step in the right direction. With WiFi control, you can be assured that you are doing your bit to conserve energy and as long as you use these storage heaters correctly, you can guarantee less waste in your heating. You’ll be sure to remain comfortably warm and economical with WiFi controllable storage heaters, which will be beneficial to the planet and to yourself directly. So, consider updating your heating system and step into the future with this eco-friendly choice.

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