The Benefits of High Heat Retention Storage Heaters

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Moon Landing

The 1960s was a decade full of innovation, ambition and change. It saw the invention of the computer mouse, the mini skirt burst onto the fashion scene, Armstrong and Aldrin landed on the moon and the first domestic storage heater was developed. The future was well and truly on the horizon.

Like every new and notable technological achievement, the traditional storage heater found instant popularity. It was coined as an inexpensive alternative to heating a home, making it an appealing choice particularly for those on a budget. With recent upgrades and the evolution into the next generation of high heat retention storage heaters, there has been a well-deserved resurgence in their popularity and for good reason.

So, how do they work?

Those on the Economy 7 tariff are more than familiar with how storage heaters work and the benefits that they bring. Storage heaters allow for a more economical heating solution by running on cheaper night-time electricity. They charge at night and then slowly release the stored heat during the day. This was a very new idea at the time of its conception. Something new that promised to be a cheaper alternative was always going to be attractive, after all, who could say no to such a low-cost solution?

Mixed feelings

Unfortunately, as is the way with many new technologies, the traditional storage heater started to lose traction, especially when in competition with other heating solutions. Storage heaters were still beneficial in their own right but they weren’t for everyone. Some concluded that this form of heating just didn’t fit in with their lifestyle. It relied too heavily on what was basically a guessing game. People started to realise that they had to be able to predict their heating needs in advance to feel the full benefit later. This worked for many but proved impractical for some. For such an economical choice, some thought the energy efficiency of these storage heaters was poor, and the disadvantages started to outweigh the advantages. As a result, storage heaters were no longer the desired heating solution they once were.

That all changed in 2018 when new legislation called for storage heaters to become more efficient than they had previously been. With that came the advancement of high heat retention storage heaters, launching this heating solution into the 21st century.

Out with the old, in with the new

Storage HeaterStorage heaters have been revolutionised! They’re back with a new and improved look and they’ve got some snazzy new features to make your life a lot easier. Modern-day storage heaters are designed specifically to give you more control and to improve efficiency. So, if you’re looking for an upgrade or for an alternative heating source, then you should consider the benefits of high heat retention storage heaters.

Essential upgrades

First things first: insulation. With high heat retention storage heaters, insulation has been greatly improved. These heaters are now designed to store heat better than ever so that you can avoid losing warmth through any leaks. You still get the benefit of heating your home overnight, only now that’s accompanied by fan-assisted control that will draw out heat from the bricks in the core for an extra boost of warmth, so you feel the effects much faster.

With most high heat retention storage heaters, you can also get an integrated back-up heater in case you do ever run out of heat. In the past, the only real solution to your storage heater running out of heat was to put on a jumper or get a blanket, but with the fan-assist and back-up heater, this concern is easily remedied and you can feel the effects of the heat for longer. Our high heat retention storage heaters now come with an automatic function where the heater can determine how much charge is required based on how often the back-up heater gets used. With this feature, the need for manual adjustment is reduced as the storage heater will continue to adjust from day to day, maximising efficiency with little to no fuss.

Plan around your lifestyle  

High heat retention storage heaters supply an element of control that was absent previously. Now storage heaters such as the Elnur Ecombi HHR30 allow you to create a heating schedule with 24/7 programming using the integrated digital programmer. The thermostat offers the options of comfort, economy or anti-frost modes to give you that extra versatility and control. This can be adjusted every half an hour if you wish, keeping costs low and allowing you to go out during the day without worrying about wasted heat. As you can imagine, this simple addition has transformed the storage heater of the past, turning it into a cost-effective heating solution to fit around your lifestyle and making it much more efficient than it once was.

Modernise your home with heat retention storage heaters

Elnur Ecombi HHR30Now a more user-friendly version of the traditional storage heater, the high heat retention storage heater is a much more attractive way of heating your home. Your schedule does not have to be dictated by your heating and you still get that great value. Storage heaters are no longer a product of the past which is why they’re a great choice for anyone looking to stay cosy the inexpensive way. 

So, if you think your old storage heater needs an upgrade, you should take a look at our range of high heat retention storage heaters and bring your heating system into the 21st century. 

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