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Friday, 6 November 2015 11:35:00 Europe/London

Replace Storage Heaters with Electric Radiators

As we move from September to October the days grow colder and suddenly it’s that time of year when you turn the heating on again. Chilly winds, puddles forming on the pavements and brown leaves blocking up the gutter are just a foretaste of what a harsh winter has in store for us. As you go to switch your storage heaters on for the first time this autumn, you might start to remember all the times your heaters let you down last winter. Coming home to a cold house, heaters running out of charge in the middle of a cold evening, going to bed cold and waking up sweating… Whilst storage heaters might suffice for a mild autumn they’re a recipe for cold evenings and hefty heating bills when the cold weather arrives. Many of our customers have benefited from replacing their storage heaters with our Haverland Designer RC Wave Electric Radiators. Autumn is the ideal time to make the change – you can make the most of the milder weather as you remove older heaters and enjoy the benefits of your new radiators straight away. But don’t take our word for it – see how our customers rated RC Wave electric radiators over their old storage heaters.

Home Comfort Heating

“Gives off a far superior kind of heat compared to a storage heater” (2nd May 2015)

“Have brought one previously to replace old storage heaters .... So impressed we replaced another!”(21st February 2015)

“Heaters are very good - have replaced storage heaters in my draughty old stone cottage and for the first time the house is warm when I get home in the evening!” (22nd December 2014)

Storage heaters heat by convection. Heavy bricks in the heater body are heated up overnight when electricity is cheaper. As air circulates around the room it passes through your heaters and is warmed by the bricks, creating warm ambient temperatures. The problem with this method of heating is that the heaters give off heat throughout the charging process, keeping your house warm through the night when you’re trying to sleep. The heaters can then run out of charge during the day, leaving your house cold. RC Wave electric radiators, meanwhile, use innovative dry thermal elements which heat up quickly and provide a very comfortable mix of radiated and convected heat. Electric radiators are much more efficient than storage heaters because they only use energy when you need heating. With an RC Wave electric radiator you’ll never find yourself cold in the evening because the radiators can provide heat on demand – no more trying to guess the weather forecast for the next day!

Controllable Heating

“Huge improvement on our existing storage heaters, so controllable.” (18th September 2015)

“Stylish and very effective. Replaced some ancient storage heaters and these have made a huge difference both in looks and functionality. Much more controllable and deliver heat when I want.” (30th August 2015)

RC Wave electric radiators don’t just give you heat on demand. With full 24/7 programming and a high precision digital thermostat you can set up a personalised heating schedule for your home which complements your lifestyle. Perhaps you’re out of the house from 8am to 6pm on a work day? Simply programme your radiators to switch off during the day and switch on again just before you return. Perhaps you only need heat in your bedroom last thing at night and first thing in the morning? Easy – simply programme your bedroom radiator to deliver heat for when you go to bed and when you get up in the morning. Perhaps you prefer a lower level of heat in the kitchen, where you’re always rushing around? Fine – simply lower the thermostat on your kitchen radiator by a couple of degrees. Reducing your power usage to what you really need is a great way to cut down those heating bills.

Save Money on your Heating Bills

“These heaters look good and are a great improvement on the old fashioned look of the storage heaters they replaced. […] Unlike storage heaters they don’t require a weather forecast to guess whether to put them on or not. Also they don’t run off Economy 10 or similar storage orientated tariffs so offer more opportunity for account switching with the financial benefits that can provide.” (30th January 2015)

The principal behind storage heater design is that you can save money on your heating by switching to a night time electricity tariff that offers cheaper rates on power used between, typically, midnight and 8am. However, in practice you can still end up spending a lot on your electricity bill because these tariffs will charge you significantly more for electricity used in the day – so any top-up heaters you use will be very expensive to run. Electric radiators, meanwhile, are so efficient and give you such scope to programme your heating that they can cost significantly less to run even whilst using standard electricity tariffs.

Easy DIY Installation

“The radiators were bought to replace storage heaters, could not be more pleased exceeded my expectations, installed them myself no issues thanks for a great product.” (23rd March 2015)

So simple to install, holes for the wall are on a cardboard template, any one can do it. looks and works superb. Would recommend, looks much better and slimmer than old type storage heaters” (11th February 2015)

Another major money-saving feature of the RC Wave electric radiator range is its suitability for DIY installation. The radiators simply screw to the wall and plug into the nearest socket. With a minimum of DIY knowledge you could have radiators for your entire home installed and running in one morning! The slim line body will save you so much space compared to bulky storage heaters, whilst the contemporary design will look smart and stylish in your home.

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To read all our customer reviews in full, check out our Feefo feedback page – independently published genuine customer reviews. For more details on our best-selling RC Wave range why not speak to our expert sales team today? They’ll tell you everything you need to know about making the switch from storage heaters and will give you a personalised quote free of charge. Call us today on 0330 300 4444


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