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Storage heaters have a number of advantages. They are economical as well as cheap, easy to install and easy to operate, maintenance free and very durable… the list just keeps on going. But their main asset and the one they owe their popularity to, is their ability to charge overnight, thus using cheaper night time tariffs, such as the Economy 7. However, they are not the most efficient choice for everyone. A storage heater will not turn out to be economical if you’re not at home throughout the day. If you’re working in normal office hours, your storage heater will simply heat an empty house, leaving you with only few hours of warmth once you return.

It’s important to understand how storage heaters work before assessing whether they are beneficial for you. Thermal heating bricks in the heater body warm up between midnight and 8am when the electricity is available at cheaper rates. As the air circulates throughout your home, it is passed through your storage heaters and heated up by the bricks. The convected heat then circulates throughout your home, providing comfortable temperatures for a couple of hours, until the heater has to be charged up again. Working during office hours means your storage heater releases most heat when you’re away. Furthermore, if you’re bedtime is not particularly early, you might find your storage heaters are already cold by the time you go to sleep. In order to have your storage heaters working in the hours you’re at home, you would have to charge them during the day, meaning you’re losing out on the feature that makes them so affordable. Thus the question remains: who benefits from using storage heaters?

Storage heaters are a great solution for the elderly and pensioners, as well as other groups of people who tend to stay at home. First of all, they are exceptionally easy to operate. Whereas some of the more innovative electric heaters can turn out to be complicated for someone who isn’t used to modern technology, all of our storage heaters have simple settings and can be used by anyone. Limited features of the storage heaters mean it is harder to maintain the exact comfort temperature, meaning the temperature they provide can be too high for some of us. However, these higher temperatures can sometimes be desirable – especially as we get older. As we age, our bodies find it more difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature. The level of fat below our skin also decreases. Therefore, the level of warmth storage heaters provide, potentially too high for young and middle aged people, can turn out to be just perfect for the elderly. Older people also tend to wake up and go to bed early, therefore they can make the most out of the storage heater’s operating hours and the night time tariffs.    

Business offices are also very likely to benefit from using a storage heater. Whether it’s a surgery, a small office or any other work-related area, a storage heater is a reliable heating solution. This is because a storage heater will work during the hours that most offices and surgeries operate at, which is 9am-5pm. All it requires is a standard socket and simple DIY understanding to be installed, and they are ready to go, as long as no one turns them off throughout the day.

So there you have it. Although everyone can benefit from using a storage heater, some of us are likely to make more out of them. If you want an alternative energy efficient heating solution, why not browse our RC Wave electric radiators at Electric Radiators Direct? Slimline smart and easy to install, they are truly the next generation radiators!

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