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Storage Heaters

Welcome to Storage Heaters Direct, suppliers of modern, branded, electric storage heaters and the very latest, energy-efficient, designer, electric radiators. Our mission is to bring you the very best brands with the very latest energy-efficient technology at the lowest prices possible. We are part of the Eco Stores Direct Group and proud of our customer service reputation, with thousands of satisfied customers throughout the UK. 

Electric Storage Heaters

We stock electric storage heaters from Dimplex, Sunhouse and the German manufacturer Stiebel Eltron. We only offer heating that is automatic to ensure a higher degree of energy-efficiency and wasted heat reduction. Our range of storage heaters combines the tried-and-tested principles of storage heating with modern innovations which optimise energy-efficiency and convenience, ensuring that our heaters continue to save you money whilst keeping you comfortable – whatever the changes in the weather.

Night Storage Heaters

Always considered as one of the most cost effective forms of heating, night storage heaters use cheaper “night time” economy electricity to heat-up specifically designed heat retaining bricks. These bricks then release the stored heat during the daytime - when the cost of electicity can be higher - to ensure your property is kept nice and warm. Modern versions have become more slimline and more efficient with options such as an automatic mode, convection combinations and weather compensation units designed to reduce energy consumption.

Energy Efficient Electric Radiators

We also stock a range of designer electric radiators which are a viable alternative to storage heaters, especially if you don’t require a lot of heat during the day. Ultra slim and fully programmable, our electric radiators use the very latest energy and temperature management systems to ensure cost effective electric heating. They offer a level of heat control which cannot be found in storage heaters ensuring you only pay for the heat you use. They are considerably slimmer than storage heaters and can be fitted with basic DIY knowledge in less than 10 minutes.

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